Monday, 14 July 2014

Drawbacks of Being Overly Innocent and Naive

There is nothing wrong with being innocent or a little bit naive. Generally people tend to group themselves into company of like-minded people. It totally depends on likes and interest of individual while forming these kinds of groups. But sometimes being innocent or naïve can have drawbacks.

Being overly innocent & naive can have the drawbacks as:

  • Overly innocent varieties are looked down on as uninformed nutriment goodies.
  • They may not be invited to edgier events, as a result of individuals assume they would not relish themselves or skills to handle them. Again, for a very innocent person AN jittery event may be nothing quite a celebration wherever there'll be alcohol.
  • They may be seen as too "nice", within the unhealthy sense of the word.
  • People could worry a wholesome person goes to be faultfinding towards them (e.g., for obtaining drunk and creating crude jokes).
  • They may merely have the incorrect plan regarding sure things, or be missing helpful data regarding however the planet very works (e.g., they'll see all one who smokes as depraved and evil).
  • They may be fearful of things that square measure principally harmless (e.g., seeing dance clubs as dangerous, incomplete places).
  • In more extreme cases their innocence may lead to them being taken advantage of.

One factor I've noticed regarding innocence is that it appears to be a attribute we have a tendency to typically like in people, however do not essentially wish for ourselves. Once another person is innocent we will typically be patronizing and see them virtually as a cute very little child. Generally guys are expected to be informed the ways that of the planet, however some individuals just like the plan of ladies being secure and inexperienced.

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